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Sangha School of Digital Marketing is a media partner of HP Sangha. we offer digital marketing courses in Amritsar for working professionals, business owners, and job seekers. where they can gain industry knowledge and our experts will teach them How to do advertising, and marketing and also show you how to promote the brand through organic results or social media. we will teach you whole SEO procedures, algorithms, their penalties, and many more.

Our professionals will educate you on how to communicate with potential customers using various marketing methods like Social media, E-mail marketing, and Affiliate marketing.

Increase Business Visibility on the Internet

Through some surveys, most people expect the brands that appear at the top of the Search Engine results to be leading brands regarding the “chosen” search term.

For this reason, it is essential to look at the complete search term range associated with your SEO Companies and work on a plan to gain increased visibility for search terms that do not offer you this visibility.

Regardless of the competition levels when it comes to search engine results, there will always be that “sweet spot” that you should be aiming for. This includes a place where you can achieve the best visibility on the search terms that people still search for but are not too competitive.

digital marketing couse in amritsar

digital marketing course in Amritsar

Increase Traffic

When your visibility starts to increase so does the amount of visitors increase. Traffic usually comes from the core-generic search terms or from mid-range broader search terms which are a lot more specific to your unique selling -points or your brand.

A Digital Marketing professional can change the results using results-driven methods to help drive organic traffic toward your website.

Increase Conversion

Once the visitors arrive at your website, do they usually convert? Are these the right visitor types? And have they found your site because you focused on optimizing your website for the correct terms? Knowing how the users of your site are interacting with your brand is vital for success, and once again Digital marketing professionals like HP Sangha will have an impact on these factors.

Choose The Right Digital Marketing Training Institute In Amritsar

However, the primary reason that we all need digital marketing training is based on the fact that everybody that uses the internet, will use searches.

You can spend much of your time profiling customers and finding out the type of content you should be creating as well as where it should be placed, but when it comes to “search” you are reaching all your potential and existing customers every time.

Become a Professional Yourself With Advance Digital Marketing Course In Amritsar

Learn the latest SEO techniques and search engine algorithms to boost your traffic, generate potential leads, and increase sales with the Sangha School of Digital Marketing Experts.

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Who is Eligible To join Advance Digital Marketing Training From SSDM

Digital marketing companies are desperately scouring the landscape looking for properly trained, highly motivated individuals who can help them get and stay one step ahead of the competition. Contact SSDM today and kick-start your future.

Our Advanced Digital Marketing Training is available to all manner of ambitious, bright, and driven individuals including:


if you are a student facing an uncertain future because your chosen field has stagnant job growth it’s not too late to redirect your energy toward a future in digital marketing

Job Seeker

if you’ve been looking for work but hearing nothing except “We’ll call you if we have something” it’s time to get the kind of training that will open doors.


if you’ve got a hot product you need to know the most effective ways to get the word out. Our advanced internet marketing training can propel your business to the next level.

Online Training
In Class Training
Sunday Batch
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Weekend Batch

Why Sangha School of Digital Marketing?

  1. Google Certified
  2. ISO 9001 Certified Company
  3. Digital Marketing Internship
  4. Professional Working Environment
  5. 100% job Assistance
  6. Live Project Training
  7. Learn From Industry Professionals/Specialists.
  8. Professional Working Environment
  9. 25+ Certification (Google, Bing, FB, etc.)
  10. 24/7 Free Query support

Digital Marketing Syllabus & Course Overview

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At the end of the day it all comes down to SEO. Search engine optimization is what transforms a previously invisible website into one that appears at or near the top of organic search results where customers can see it.

90% of web surfers never venture past page one of search results. The job of the SEO expert is to ensure the client’s website is on that first page.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

As we said at the start there are now billions of people who interact with social media sites every day. This is an unprecedented development few saw coming but which has changed the marketing landscape on a fundamental level.

If a company is to prosper in the new business environment they must have a strategy of social media engagement. In this Social Media Marketing course we’ll teach you how to leverage the power of social media to generate product buzz, website traffic and conversions.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Adwards

With a PPC campaign you determine how much you want to spend and then deposit that amount into a Google account. They then deliver your ad along with organic search results.

Each time someone clicks on your ad a set amount is deducted from the amount you deposited.

When the deposited amount is completely used up Google stops running your ad until you replenish the account. It’s simple in theory, but not so simple to do effectively.

Ecommerce Marketing

Because as many as 95% of people who shop online don’t actually “convert”, businesses need to devise strategies that will promote a higher rate of conversions.

This is called Ecommerce Marketing and it’s the art of convincing the visitor they’ll be better off purchasing from you than from the competition.

If that sounds a lot like traditional marketing that’s because it is; just adjusted to the particulars of the online environment.

Online Reputation Management

– Online Reputation Management is a skill set that is becoming increasingly relevant in a world where just about anyone can post just about anything online about anybody.

The Online Reputation Manager (ORM) strives to ensure any mention of the client online is a positive mention. They may also call for the creation of content that bolsters the client’s reputation in the eyes of the public.

In essence, ORM is Cyberspace PR. And we’ll teach you how you can become an ORM specialist.

Still Not Convinced?


Here are 4 more reasons why SSDM is the best institute for digital marketing course in Amritsar.

We explore real industry case studies

There’s nothing like real-world case studies to provide vivid examples of the power of Digital Marketing and the high cost of ignoring it.

We look at corporate success stories as well as some spectacular failures to help you get the most accurate picture of how companies that embrace Digital Marketing succeed and how companies that don’t embrace it fail.

Access to state-of-the-art industry tools

We partner with some of the industry’s most important players to provide you with invaluable access to leading-edge Digital Marketing tools.

You get practical experience other Digital Marketing courses aren’t able to offer and a sneak peek at some of the emerging tech that is going to drive industry growth in the years to come.

Real hands-on projects

There is no substitute for experience and we make sure every one of our students gets the hands-on experience they need by executing projects that incorporate a wide variety of Digital Marketing disciplines.

So in SSDM, you can work on live projects.  The goal is to help you build a comprehensive mastery of this exciting, complex field.

Internship credit

Everyone wants to hire experienced people but no one wants to give you the experience you need to get hired. It’s an age-old problem and one we face head-on.

We offer students the opportunity to engage in industry research that can earn them credit toward an internship certificate, so when the time comes to apply for work they have something they can show their prospective employer.

When you decide to take a digital marketing course at SSDM you’re deciding to increase your chances of having a bright future. Whether you own a business or are planning on becoming a Digital Marketing expert yourself our comprehensive courses will set you on a path to sustainable success.

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